Direction by Atelier a./f., Barbara Peikert – Film by Baraba-pe


Cartoons with 2D Animation+3D illusions templates, color, sound

2018 Mi Di Worm no 10, 1'; Mi Di Worm no 1-19 (year of reference 2015); AF_VOLVERSTOI_no 1-65; AF_SAGOMA 25’’;

Staging with RGB flow lighting effects and geometric shaps

shooting France 2005

2019 AF_EINSTRAHLER (Radiator) 10’; AF_WRACK, 13’; HEXA SEXTA 16’; Bille Balle (BALL BALLOON),190“; AF_EINäuger (One eye)10'

Space and time axis model the sequence of the images and stage the discolored color flow, color, sound

2019 AF_SO_WAL 4’ ; AF_SOMONT_NB 145’’; AF_SO-RO 4’37’'

2019 Periplaneta, 6’07'' (shooting Spain)



The fields of interest of the chromatic flow and fictitious abstraction focus on experimental films: animated films, holography, photography, light and sound effects enrich the aesthetic perception based on the filmography of ECLAT ECRAN 2004 (Shine/ Screen) Compilation includes Prismis, 7' (Super8, audio, color); Bleu électrique, 19'07'' (Super8, audio, color); Halo 2, 21'; HaloHalo, 5'45” (frame-to-frame, audio, color)

Early Experimental films of astrazione_fiction

2011 SOL_TIC, 11' AF_ST_TIC_TAC,

2010 WRACK_CUBE, 10’; 2008 Blue-TUONO, 15’; CA-lunatic, 4’

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Atelier a./f. Barbara Peikert

CH-6300 ZOUG

Artist Baraba-pe